A Story About Us!

The founding members of Vapor Unlimited started out as ordinary friends with a common problem. We had to QUIT SMOKING! Discovering e-Cigarettes solved our problem! Only to give rise to a whole new issue.

With the success of e-Cigarettes a deluge of products poured into the market. From faulty tanks to inconsistent e-Liquid the new issue was clear! Tired of wasting our money on junk, an idea was born. We can do it ourselves, and better.

Vapor Unlimited strives to offer the vaping scenes top choices in hardware and accessories at affordable competitive prices. Our years of experience enable us to hand pick the absolute best technology on the market, delivering you the same quality of products we are proud to use ourselves.

Vapor Unlimited also produces our own e-Liquid line, Fogworks. Fogworks is a premium quality e-Liquid made in America. We only use food grade flavorings produced in America. And Nicotine which exceeds all United States pharmacopeia standards. Fogworks e-Liquid is then blended to perfection, delivering the best possible vaping experience.

We’ve moved so far beyond just kicking cigarettes. Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be a chore anymore it can be a truly liberating experience for your senses. Something to sit back and enjoy, and we can help.

Please watch the following short video to learn about how YOU can help stop the FLAVOR BANS and excessive PMTA regulations

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